Vibrant Yoga

Do you want to feel…

Vibrant. Inspired. Empowered. Activated? and Peaceful. Content. Relaxed. Centered?

I find myself many times answering the above question with yes! After ~20 years of yoga practice, and deeply exploring different yoga styles and peaceful activation techniques from different teachers, I continue to explore – in my eyes this process never stops – something that works for me as joyful, activated, yet grounded, loving, peaceful yoga practice that leaves my body centered and vibrating with life force. This is a very conducive space for me to practice meditation and abide in peaceful joy…this is also my understanding what yoga asana is about according to the ancient masters.

I would love to share this process and practice with my sisters and brothers who are interested in feeling peacefully alive and content within themselves.

Especially nowadays, many of us live in a very hectic, fast, performance oriented lifestyle, trying to meet lots of deadlines, and trying to be the perfectly loving partner, perfectly nurturing parent, perfectly performing employee or business person, perfectly listening friend, perfectly caring daughter or son, etc…But what about you? Your body, heart and soul? Many choose this last. Though, if you don’t choose to love and nurture yourself, how well can you be there for others without draining yourself?

The Vibrant Yoga practice has elements of vinyasa yoga, hatha yoga, kundalini tantra yoga, body shaking exercises, and invites free expression of ones own intuitive and creative flow. It has very dynamic, activating and very calming, grounding elements. In that sense I do not follow any one specific yoga lineage, though I am a sincere student of the ultimate yoga, the unveiling of the illusion of desire and attachment, which is overcasting my heart of peace and contentment, and resulting in suffering and pain. So the yoga asana practice for me is really a tool to bring the energy, the awareness, from the head to the heart and body, the mind focus from outward to inward and to gently unleash the kundalini energy within with its infinite potential.

With the goal to experience ultimate truth, unconditional love and eternal peace.