Wild Peace Meditation

…bridging from spinning into peace through

Shaking Activation. Unwinding of the Spinning Mind. Diving Deep into Peace.

This is a 1 hour active meditation gently leading through fun activity and free expression into peace.

Phase I: Shaking Activation (standing) – For 15 minutes gentle shaking to rhythmic drums, loosening up any tension in the body and restoring and enhancing a feeling of aliveness.

Phase II: Unwinding of the Spinning Mind (sitting) – this phase is a free expression therapy also known as gibberish therapy, for 15 minutes free expression of sounds, facial expressions and words that are not part of any language one knows, this facilitates to free the mind from a lot of unnecessary spinning and tightness. There will be loud enough background music to relax from being too self-conscious.

Phase III: Diving Deep into Peace (sitting) – 30 minutes of refreshing silent meditation with soft background music


When: TBD

Where: TBD

What: Wild Peace Meditation – Bridging from Spinning into Peace

Who: Facilitator Janaki Maya (loves meditation and has deeply explored many different meditation techniques for the past 20+ years)