More ‘Her’story

My name is Janaki Maya Zaremba and I was born and raised in Germany to lovely parents who raised me vegetarian and taught me about meditation, yoga and cultivating awareness from my earliest years. Today I am so grateful for them having sown those wonderful seeds so early in my life. Back then I was torn between the beauty of yoga and meditation and the fear of judgement for being “strange” by friends, neighbors, classmates, teachers…well, society.

While I have always kept my admiration for yoga and meditation, I was literally hiding this side to the outside world. To them I was a quite ordinary girl being interested in hanging out with friends, boys, make-up, good grades in school, money. Eventually after school, I studied business, worked in finance in NYC, went out at night, got drunk from time to time, got married…meanwhile those yoga and meditation seeds in me kept growing stronger and stronger, I integrated my admiration for yoga and meditation more and more into my “other side”. I started talking more confidently about it.

Little funny but actually sad anecdote: one morning I decided to bring my Ayurveda – Science for Self Healing book to work. In the elevator I bump into one colleague and my boss. We are small talking about this and that. My college points out the book in my hands and I happily read out loud the title. To keep the conversation going, I ask my boss whether he has heard about Ayurveda and he briefly says: “Definitely not” with a degrading expression on his face as if this was the last thing he would want to spend his precious time on.

Nevertheless, with growing confidence and authenticity in me, my interests started shifting, the shifts were slow at first but very quickly picked up in speed and within a few years, I turned my whole life by 180°. I fell in love with my today very best soul friend, I divorced from my husband, quit my job, changed my diet from junk vegetarian to organic mostly raw vegan, started living a “nomad” life for a few years literally exploring the meaning of life, just to name a few changes…

…In the works ♥