Peace for what?

Who are you? Who am I? Are we separate? Are you aware of the air you breath in? Are you aware of the air that gently touches your skin? Are you aware of your heart circulating blood and oxygen throughout your body? Are you aware of the continuous miracle we are living in? Who is it that makes the heart pump? Where was I before I was born? Where will I be after this body dies? Will I die as well? Who is this I?

You and I are pure awareness, pure consciousness, pure love, this is our origin. This is our eternal nature, which was never born, is ever present and will never cease to exist. However, the awareness of who we are is obscured by the degree we believe we are separate from the all pervasive awareness consciousness and the density of the mind. The mind is temporary and will dissolve into awareness once it fully “remembers” (with) its origin. The denser the mind, the more the awareness consciousness is forgotten.

We have the choice at any time, to remember, to awaken to pure awareness consciousness – our true nature.

No preparation needed. Just dropping the identification with the temporary mind, the temporary body, the temporary story, and the temporary entanglement. As if one watches a movie and completely lost oneself in it, completely identified with the character in the movie, the awakening is, when one realizes that one is just the witness, the observer, but actually has nothing to do with the story of the movie.

Just dropping the identification, story and entanglement is the most natural and simple thing, all it requires is the relaxation of the minds grip, just letting go into the unknown. As Lao Tse puts it when he wrote about Tao Te Ching, “the truth is right in front of our eyes, right under our noses”.

However, due to the nature of the mind and the density level we experience in this day and age in our collective consciousness on this planet, for many beings it somehow does not seem that easy to just drop the story and entanglement.

This grip, this tightness of the mind which does not want to surrender to and lose control over that which ironically cannot be controlled anyway, causes a lot of suffering among many of us.

This tightness of the mind is reflected in the tightness of the body causing literally dis’ease’, and in tightness of the emotional body causing anxiety and anger due to expectations, attachments, aversions, victim consciousness, separation consciousness.

The more we deviate from the awareness consciousness, the more we feel the pain of separation, which many times expresses itself in the form of loneliness, feeling incomplete, feeling empty, unfulfilled.

No matter how much we have forgotten our true nature, how deeply and ignorantly we are drowned in the entanglement of this human story – lifetime after lifetime, there is a spark of remembrance in every soul.

Many times the wish to remember and reunite with awareness consciousness, it is expressed for example in the wish to interact socially, a feeling of belonging to a bigger whole and feeling accepted, or to unite with our partner sexually, to experience intimacy, to exchange loving kindness, we are looking to feel complete, fulfilled, loved, appreciated and satisfied. Though, as long as we believe that it is only something “outside” of us that makes us complete and feel fulfilled, the feeling of wholeness and completeness is not sustainable and we are bound to feel deceived and disappointed at some point down the line.

Some also perform actions that relieve and distract from the pain of separation and the tight grip of the mind – at least temporarily – such as consuming drugs, mind altering substances, alcohol, cigarettes or watching TV, loosing oneself in any kind of entertainment or sense gratification, indulgence in food. The chronic form of distraction can then also express itself as addictions of any kind.

In today’s world so many people are suffering, from hunger and poverty in third world countries, in the ‘so called’ developed countries people suffer from depression and other mental and physical illnesses, and it seems that greed, exploitation and power consciousness rule the world. The apparent monetary ‘have’s’ and ‘have not’s’, both are suffering. Most are lacking the awareness consciousness, their true nature. They have completely forgotten.

As mentioned above, and also according to many ancient masters, one can choose anytime to just remember one’s true nature and drop any story of false identification and dramas of suffering with a good big belly laughter. End of story. Abiding in pure awareness love peace consciousness.

If this somehow does not work, it is most likely due to the intricate entanglement and the grip of the mind, on a karmic, conscious, subconscious and ancestry level. I feel if the direct path to awakening does not work immediately, there are tools we can use to “melt” and relax the mind and heal wounds on the deepest level. It seems that a softer peaceful mind is much more conducive to embody the truth and to re’member’ (with) our true nature.

On this website, there will be some tools provided – gathered from many different teachers – that especially inspired me on how to establish and cultivate more awareness, peace and love on all levels. Since we are all unique in our expressions some might resonate more than others. Ultimately, the tools are designed to prepare for the deep relaxation of the mind so the truth can reveal itself on its own…