Understanding With the Heart

What is the meaning of life? Why am here in this experience? Why is there so much suffering? Who is this I?

Many don´t really know…and if they claim they do…maybe still they don´t really know…maybe the ultimate truth is not graspable with this mind that is so used to its linear and three dimensional (only) thinking.

In my search for an answer that feels right to me, I have come across many different theories from many different masters all over the world. Nothing fully resonated with me. Now I understand why. Because I feel that the answer can not be intellectualized, understood by my mind and written down, it can only be experienced inside my heart. The mind has been trying to understand something that it cannot understand by its nature, it can only be experienced by the being. That is why the wise words of the different masters did not reach me, because I tried to get it with my mind. It is beginning to dawn on me that I have to step out of my mind to be in the experience of the answer.

How? And how can the mind decide to step out of itself? This seems very paradoxical.

What feels right to me is to bring the awareness to the heart of peace and to slowly and peacefully allow the melting and relaxing of the mind, then the truth can reveal itself. The truth has always been, is here right now and will always be. It is the tightness, conditioning and stories of the mind hindering my being to abide in the experience of true knowledge, unconditional love and eternal peace.

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