My mind knows that deep inside
I am pure awareness divine light
And that the essence is ever whole
Do I feel this clearly in my soul?

Somehow, I don’t always feel this way
I wonder what has let me astray?
Within this miraculous game of life
Everything wants to flourish and thrive

Often the dark and death are not accepted
Rather suppressed and rejected
Those partsĀ seem excluded from the whole
Creating imbalance beyond control

Doesn’t this casts shadows on our hearts?
And becomes known as unresolved parts?
Hindering the wholeness to shine through?
Overcasting that which feels true?

Feeling painfully incomplete
We forgot the whole and start to plead
To BECOME whole in divine confusion
Isn’t this the beginning of illusion?

Seeking wholeness outside of me
Changes the perspective on reality
Endlessly repeating deeply engrains
The confusion into our vulnerable brains

Now clouds appear as different emotions
Noisy thoughts and neurotic notions
Distracting the mind from inner peace
Causing all kind of unsettling dis’ease

As I peacefully let go of any goal
And I sweetly love and accept the whole
Including the cycles of day and night,
Birth and death, dull and bright,
Bloom and wilt, come and go
Things appear as a distant show

In love and peace I gently abide
I breath richness from every side
With the luminous whole being so clear
Distracting shadows may not reappear

May all beings be embodiments of love
Wholeness, peace and kissed from above
Which is actually kissed from deep inside
Ever embodying pure divine light