Words are so limiting to describe
What is so precious to imbibe

Meditation is a space
Of soft loving embrace
If one lets down the protective guard
There is a soft feeling in the heart
Eventually, the whole being has a zing
Of sweet aliveness and all cells start to sing
A divine song of ever peaceful love
Touching us from within and above

As the awareness lies with the peace
The racing of the mind starts to cease

It is a mind altered state
Of a feeling, oh, so great


If the state is induced artificially
The peace is felt temporarily
And the dis ‘ease’ shall be returning
Leaving the being ever more yearning
The downfall after this temporary peace
Might make the state of meditation decrease

So key is to train ones muscles of surrender
It sounds like a paradox, but it’s priceless to engender,
Meditation naturally rising from deep inside
Will purify anything that seems to hide
Talking about old wounds and conditions
Deeply engrained beliefs and ambitions
All this must be brought to the conscious
Otherwise the play of hide and seek will be endless
Do i attempt to make the beliefs unwind?
And have a spacious beginners mind?

It is actually those unresolved things
That prevent us from experiencing
Our inherent natural content state
A peaceful feeling that will penetrate
The entire being inside out
Yes, that is what meditation is about
At least from this humble perspective
Any other view is deeply respected