Living Prayer

Gently letting go layer by layer
Making all acts a living prayer

With every step I take
I softly declare
To keep peace and love my guide

May any mistake I make
bring me there
Where’s deep acceptance inside

With every loss or gain
May I share
The gift of innocent presence

With any physical pain
May I prepare
To help others into pleasance

May every word I speak
Make me aware
To be ever humble in grace

With every low and peak
May I care
To keep a calm steady pace

When everything seems black
May I dare
To wait with patience until dawn

Whenever I feel lack
May I be aware
To see love with eyes indrawn

And every sound I hear
Shall share
The universes silent song

May every lonely tear
Make me swear
To always keep communion strong

May every held grudge
Make me aware
Of being flooded with rays of sun

With every time i judge
May I share
Deep appreciation for everyOne

With every misled belief
I shall dare
To deeply trust without a doubt

May every sight I perceive
Bring me there
To the vast wonders inside out

With any emotion I feel
May I care
To see the mystery aligning

May every wound I heal
Make me share
The inner light ever shining

May confusion in the mind
Take me where
It is free from illusion land

When I find myself blind
May I dare
To humbly take the reaching hand

May every felt offense
Help me share
Waves of Love without condition

May every touch I sense
Make me aware
Of divine embraces beyond cognition

With every passing thought
May I care
To make peace and not fight

May all desires sought
Make me dare
To soften the grip so tight

May deep inner knowing
Make me aware
Of joyful silence so innocent

May the wind gently blowing
Ever share
Epiphanies quietly magnificent

With every notion of death
May I care
To surrender the I-Me-Mine

And every conscious breath
Makes me aware
Of feeling the Beloved Divine

Letting go layer by layer
Making all acts a living prayer