Heavenly Crystal

Oh, heavenly crystal in all things
Isn’t it you turning all cells sing?
Of feeling ever peacefully alive
And making everything flourish and thrive?

Oh, crystal, everywhere you abide
Why you sometimes seem to hide?
With so much suffering and pain around
The peace is quite hard to be found

The crystal is a humble reflection
Of how one chooses the connection
To all things and life grand and mere
Affecting the energetic sphere

Is it one of love or fear?
Am I holding the sacred near?
Is it one of appreciation?
Or one of painful deviation?

Do I know of diseasing radiation?
Do I care about good vibration?
Is it accepting or rejecting?
Is it neglecting or respecting?

What kind of thoughts do I heed?
That are transpiring into deed?

Do I disrupt natures flow?
Do I let things flourish and grow?
Do I bathe in fresh springs pristine?
Or in water with added chlorine?

Is my food pure and organic?
Is my attitude one of panic?
One of greed, lust and chase?
Or one of peace, ease and grace?
Is my mind in an ignorant haize?
Or clear like the vast blue sky
Feeling the vibrant crystal nigh?

Do I honor every place
as if it where a holy space?

Beyond this minds comprehension
The power of deed, thought and intention
Affects the energetic field at large
Resulting in a vibrational charge
Either organizing the field into peace
Or de’structuring it out of ease
The organizing unlocks the sphere divine
De’structuring obstructs the crystals shine

Untouched nature keeps the crystal pure
That gives it it’s pristine allure

When mans mind turns ignorant
The crystals dishonor seems imminent
Lack and greed have their birth
Many disrespect mother earth
Whilst chasing after personal gain
Totally imbalancing her in vain

The crystals glory seems compromised
And it’s shining radiance sacrificed


May we have the eyes to see
To honor the crystals subtlety
May our intention, thought and deed
Be aware and loving and may it lead
To the organizing of the crystals field
May mans ignorance be forever healed

Let’s see the crystal in all things
Making all atoms dance and sing!
Of feeling ever peacefully alive
And making everything flourish and thrive.