Eyes To See

Gently knocking on heavens door
Feeling familiar from way before
Yes, it is open for you and me
All we need are the eyes to see
We can go there at anytime
Into the sphere so sublime

What eyes do I need?
To be able to proceed
Without any further wait
Through this sacred divine gate?

Did you eat the forbidden fruit?
Did you compromise the inner truth?
Is the heart filled with peace?
Does pure love flow in ease?

Oh please, patiently bear with me
Understand the mysterious subtlety
Of the eyes one needs to clearly see
And of the mind to be peacefully free

Isn’t the forbidden fruit a metaphor
For deviation from ones own core
Obscurring the sweet heavenly view
Being confused about what feels true

What thoughts do I feed the soul?
Are they making me feel whole?
Or leaving a taste of separation?
Giving me a feeling of constipation
of unresolved things haizing the mind?
Making the subtle eyes for the truth turn blind?

Do I cultivate peace in all the ways?
It’s a deep question worth to face
The peace I imbibe with all of creation
Might help me to undo the confused deviation
From heaven experienced inside of me
This seems to be the magical key
To peacefully pass the heavenly gate
Which is actually reflecting the inner state
Of lovingly turning the subtle eye
Inward to the vast heavenly sky