Peace On All Levels

Peace with the Body ~
“Love thy neighbor as thyself”. Before we truly can love another, we need to truly love and be at peace with ourselves, and this also includes taking responsibility for our own health with proper nutrition, physical exercise and rest and relaxation, as well as multidimensional nourishment and purification.

Peace with the Mind ~
When at peace and in balance our minds can be our friends in navigating through this life with right understanding, discrimination, clarity and compassion. When drowned in the ocean of desire, attachment, rejection, fear, anger, hatred and judgment, our minds are restless and full of chatter distracting from the inner peace which is our truly natural state.
With meditation practices, prayer, satsang (spiritual and heartful association), contemplation, chanting, singing, sacred dancing, yoga, qigong, etc., we explore how we can calm our minds and be at peace opening up to the experience of the divine, the great mystery…

Peace with all Beings ~
Creating peace by being peace. As we create peace by forgiving each other and ourselves, our hearts become soft, and with a softened heart it is much easier to experience the divine mystery.
Can we choose to create peace in our communication with each other through respect, honesty, humility, receptivity and self-responsibility? Are we able to take responsibility for any emotion that we experience? Are we able to accept that everything that happens around us carries a divine reflection of ourselves and gives us an opportunity to release and transcend that which doesn’t serve us? Are we able to communicate clearly without our own hidden emotional stories attached to it? Can we choose to not only communicate on a mind level, but to consciously also connect on a heart and soul level acknowledging the divine essence that dwells within and around all of us? This allows true co-creation to happen. Can we care for all beings as if they were our family? Can we just take enough to lead a life in peace and contentment and share the rest with others? Cultivating peace with all beings, can we feel a natural inclination to compassion also for any form of life, and to not to harm intentionally at any time?

Peace with the Earth and Nature ~
Can we honor Mother Earth as a living being and be deeply humbled and grateful for her grandmotherly kindness? She graciously allows us and all the other living creatures to abide on and thrive from her even though so many choose to exploit and harm her so ignorantly.
Can we treat Mother Earth with utmost respect and compassion by intending not to pollute, not to use harsh chemicals, not to use plastic? Can we favor natural clothing and personal products such as soaps and shampoo with bio degradable ingredients? Can we support natural/organic gardening and agriculture and discourage the use of artificial chemical based fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides?

Peace with the Divine ~
This is the highest form of peace. Peace with the Divine manifests as we are more and more at peace with ourselves. Cultivating peace on all the different levels automatically leads to peace with the Divine. If we are at peace with the Divine, the highest unique expression of communing with it can unfold for everyone, individually and collectively.

O ~ O ~ O
Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
May Peace and Happiness Prevail