Beloved Temple Awareness

If you believe in the power of thought and action, and if you believe in the power of intention, then, oh behold, use this power wisely, for you shall experience the fruit thereof yourself. This seems to be the unwritten universal law of nature.

Our thoughts and actions are powerful. Whether you believe it or not, every thought – whether conscious or unconscious – is going to manifest itself at some point down the line. What seems to matter most is the inner attitude wherefrom I act or am having a thought. Is it emotionally loaded? The quality of action or thought in one moment influences the experience of the next moment significantly. This knowledge is intended to bring more loving and peaceful awareness into any activity performed – be it physical or mental.

This awareness invites to treat life as if one moves within a holy beloved temple. With utmost love, care and awareness. If this is the attitude wherefrom I act, feel and think towards anyone and anything, I attract exactly those qualities into my life.

How is my attitude towards all my relations? With the body, the space I abide in, the mind, other beings, nature and the mystery? To what extent do I treat my body like a beloved temple? To what extent do I keep the space around me sanctified and cherrished, like a beloved temple? To what extent am I aware of what I expose my mind to? To what extent do I honor other beings as living beloved temples? To what extent do I care for the purity of nature? To what extent am I in communion with the mystery?

This is a question of loving awareness.

Everything is ultimately a divine expression. Amongst infinte possibilities, we have the choice how we relate to those divine expressions. With respect, love and acceptance or with judgement, irritation and carelessness.

So treat yourself and surroundings like a beloved temple and you shall feel respected, loved and accepted.

This level of loving and peaceful awareness might establish fertile ground for deep communion with divinity.



I have dedicated my life to bringing awareness to the heart of peace, in me and also all around. I would like to help my brothers and sisters to be more in touch with their hearts, their bodies, with their essence! For I believe that much of the suffering on this planet, especially in the “western” world, comes from feeling empty and disconnected, which then gets compensated by food indulgence, intoxicants, unfulfilling partnerships, 24/7 on social media, TV, drama and stories, etc., which then very often leaves one even more drained. Deceived.

Having observed this tendency so many times in me and now seeing it so clearly in fellow beings as well, I wish to facilitate bringing a gentle smile of peaceful contentment on our faces and into our hearts. Feeling peaceful, content and truly fulfilled and satisfied inside is everyone’s birthright!


I had fear in the past that I would need to compensate my authenticity for performance, when business enters the spreading peace and love equation. I thought that if I am a yoga teacher asking for money, I always need to have a serene peaceful smile on my face even if I am actually going trough something. The solution for me is not to sell myself as a yoga “teacher”, but to offer yoga “sharing”… and to authentically and honestly share and then take it from there. Truth and Consequences : )

If I wasn’t asking for money for any yoga asana sharing, could I trust that the give and take balance is honored by everyone? Interesting one…

I am not a money and profit oriented person, though I acknowledge that I need some money to live, pay some basic bills, etc. Integrating those two sides has been an interesting process for me in the past years.  Funny enough, that some time ago, I studied Business Administrations and worked several years in a finance job in NYC being actually very interested in money and profit… and now I am writing this! Such is life, full of turns and surprises!

…In the works ♥