A Gateway of Peace

Namaste. I bow to the light in you.

Welcome to my virtual living and prayer space. Please have a comfortable seat, take a deep breath, relax and close your eyes for a moment.

This space is intended as an invitation for you, dear reader, to abide in the deep peace within yourself.

Here we, you and me, have space to inquire how we can tap into a state of deep surrender and relaxation of the entire being and from there watch creative inspiration unfold in its beautiful and unique expression.

Also, I invite to explore how one can increase awareness, love and Peace on All Levels – with the body, the mind, other beings and nature – in order to ultimately abide in peace with Divinity and Oneself.

Please note that this website is in the making at this time, and you might find pages without content or only half finished….

May you allow the rising of the timeless inner sweetness – amrita.

In burning celebration of ultimate truth, unconditional love and eternal peace,

Janaki Maya